Better brokerage representation starts with a thorough understanding of the local St. Louis market, is supported by reliable access to your brokerage team, and is made more effective through the use of social and technology tools.

At Intelica CRETM, our commercial real estate brokerage team works with owners and investors to provide client-specific services and solutions to meet their specific industrial, office, and retail brokerage needs.

No-Conflict Representation

Being the largest independent commercial real estate firm in St. Louis perfectly positions us to be able to better represent our clients immediate and future needs because we aren’t owned by a big national or international company pulling the strings. This means the information and representation we provide will always be in you and your company’s best interests.


With a team that consists of three generations of St. Louisans, our connection with and understanding of the local neighborhoods and communities means we can provide reliable advice on a retail complex you may want to launch your business in, or relevant information on a new industrial area you’re interested in moving to. We believe being connected with local leaders, businesses, friends, and family also means we give you the best opportunity of selling or leasing your space or of finding the right property in the right location to buy or lease that best meets your business’s needs.


Our localized approach to the strategies we develop and the services we provide gives an advantage to entrepreneurs launching a new business in St. Louis or expanding their corporate footprint into the St. Louis area. If your startup needs office space, we have connections with coworking space on a month-to-month lease or we can help you secure a larger office space that meets your specific needs. If you’re looking for a store front, our local experts can provide pros and cons for each of the many prime retail locations throughout the St. Louis area. If you need a warehouse to store inventory, our industrial space knowledge and understanding of fulfillment and operational logistics can reduce lease mistakes.

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