More effectively and more efficiently meeting you and your business’s needs starts with a comprehensive analysis of your specific goals and needs, is supported by working with an innovative and accessible multi-disciplinary team of strategic and solution based experts, and produces better results through collaboration and our ability to take a project from inception to completion.

At Intelica CRETM, our multi-disciplinary team collaborates to provide effective strategies and solutions for clients across many industries and specialties.

Comprehensive, end-to-end solutions

Research. Strategize. Execute. Manage. Support. This end-to-end approach is possible only with a multi-disciplinary team like ours, and a comprehensive analysis of every new project before we begin. Whether you’re needing to improve logistics, are looking for a new facility location, or expanding into new markets, we have both the team and the approach to meet your needs.

No-conflict, client-specific strategies

Being the largest independent commercial real estate firm in St. Louis positions us to be able to provide you with more reliable, no-conflict solutions that are actually in your best interests. Our team takes the time to thoroughly learn about your business, your needs, and your vision; and then develops comprehensive strategies and solutions to meet those exact needs and more effectively position you to reach your future visions.

Accessible and reliable customer service

If you take a look at our approach, “We believe in business-client collaboration”, and how important that collaboration is to maximizing value, being more effective, and reaching goals. Efficiently working together is possible because we make a conscious effort to be easy to get a hold of and to give you direct access to our principals. We believe this approach sets us both up for a long and successful relationship together.

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