Landmark Parkway

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  1. Procurement of an investment quality building within a highly competitive submarket.
  2. Pro-forma and demonstration of a strategy that met client’s investment criteria, amidst expensive investment options.
  3. Successfully lease property to achieve client’s investment criteria and building management goals


  1. Intelica utilized its brokers vast market experience to not only evaluate on-market options, but also off-market options.
  2. Intelica’s office brokerage was hired to locate and lease quality medical tenants through both direct and indirect marketing efforts
  3. Intelica’s property management team would be put in place to help this first time real estate investors manage their new found responsibilities.


  1. Intelica was successfully able to procure an off market property that accomplished each of its client’s physical criteria.
  2. Within 18 months Intelica increased occupancy from this once vacant property to 92.5%.
  3. Intelica’s property management team was hired to provide a clean and professional environment to allow its clients to focus more on their practice rather than the management of their new asset.
Landmark Parkway
9701 Landmark Parkway
Sunset Hills MO 63127

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Intelica CRE was assigned to procure and acquire a multi-tenant 15000 – 30000 square foot multi-tenant office building in the southern portion of Saint Louis County. This assignment needed to meet its client’s investment goals as well as provide a space for it to successfully occupy a portion of the building for its medical practice.