Principal Commercial Real Estate is now Intelica CRE From a business and leadership standpoint, executives have long been accustomed to a degree of imprecision and uncertainty when making critical business decisions. The majority of the decisions are made by the "golden gut instinct" instead of a fact-based approach. The real estate industry has long been a victim of this practice. While there is an abundance of real estate data, assembling the right, precise and accurate asset and customer specific information has never been more difficult.

Because of this, we are bringing a smarter, more precise approach to your commercial real estate needs through our newly rebranded company Intelica CRE™. In order to meet the dynamic and specific needs of each of our clients, our refreshed business approach examines each of our business engagements on an individual basis. This process ensures that we provide factual and relevant information catered to your specific needs.

While we are excited about our name change, we are even more excited to move forward with a brand that better represents our commitment to serving your with the best commercial real estate service possible.