We want to make a difference for our clients and our community.


Our mission as an independent, no-conflict commercial real estate firm, is to provide the most effective services and solutions, the best client-specific localized strategies, the most innovative technology tools, and an unmatched level of customer service to innovative mid-market, high-growth entrepreneurs, start-ups, and companies.

In our efforts to achieve this, we will strive to be progressive, thought-provoking leaders throughout the St Louis community.

We want to be a trusted firm that St. Louis entrepeneuers look to when establishing a presence in the city or to grow their business. And we want to be the firm of choice for businesses moving into the St. Louis area.

Our hope is that whether you’re a local St. Louis business or a big national company, we are consistently providing a level of services and solutions that will build a strong relationship that meets your specific needs throughout the life of your business.

Through a unique and strategic combination of:

  1. The sum of knowledge and experience of our entire team;
  2. A local understanding of, and connection with, the St. Louis market;
  3. Direct access to principals;
  4. Reliable communication with a specialized, multi-disciplinary team of experts;
  5. Both entrepreneurial and conservative philosophies;
  6. And, innovative tools, technology, data analysis, and market research;

We are able to help our clients sell and lease more properties, retain more tenants, make smarter investments, increase profits, and utilize data to increase efficiency and make more effective strategic decisions.


Our founders started Intelica CRE after realizing St. Louis commercial real estate was being under-served by too many stale, conservative firms that offer “the same old” services and solutions, aren’t fully utilizing tech and social tools, undervalue their employees, aren’t aligned with worthy causes, and are more concerned with their bottom line than their clients’ best interest.

We set out and are constantly striving to be innovative, renaissance leaders in commercial real estate brokerage, management, strategic advisory services, and technology; while also being community leaders and contributors in the St. Louis area.



Accessible, respectful, accurate, and reliable

Involved in the local St. Louis community

Put family first

Confident in your abilities and ideas

Support the team

Strive to provide the best solution

Be happy and have fun

Make St. Louis proud