We collaborate with; we support; we celebrate - each other, and our St. Louis community.

The company culture at Intelica CRETM is one that encourages individual thinking and fresh ideas – regardless of position or years with the company; understands that family comes first; supports and cares for each other; and, awards and celebrates company, individual, and personal achievements together.

Our principals believe that the greatest ideas, most effective strategies, and happiest clients have the best opportunity of happening only in an environment that is supportive and collaborative. Working together as one unit, as a cohesive culture of experts in every field, allows everyone to be involved and contribute to the growth of Intelica and successful relationships with our clients.

We have a diverse team covering three generations that we are very proud of. New and proven ideas are being considered every day for every project. Younger generations are learning from older ones, and the older from the younger. The latest technologies are being used for work and at home. First hand experience of a number of boom and bust markets over the years is being combined with the newest economic teachings being taught at universities around the US.

There’s a friendly competitive nature in play because everyone knows they have a role that isn’t necessarily defined by their position. That keeps people motivated. That makes them happy. It’s even exciting to share the latest family announcement. It’s fun to come to work. And if everyone is happy and enjoying what they’re doing, that translates to the services and solutions being provided to our clients. It’s a win-win for everyone.

The strength of the company is each employee, the strength of each employee is the company… we have a passionate group of individuals collaborating on ideas every day from small lease transactions to multimillion dollar redevelopments.

-- Drew Clary


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