We're proud of who we are, but always striving to be the best.

Intelica CRETM is the largest full-service independent commercial real estate firm proudly founded and locally-owned in St. Louis, MO.

Our no-conflict services and solutions mean our clients receive better representation, unbiased advisory services, and a more reliable, longer-lasting relationship – not only here in St. Louis, but also in whichever state or faraway country becomes your next location or latest investment.


With our unmatched customer service, our clients receive direct access to principals and reliable communication with a specialized, multi-disciplinary team of experts. A team that listens, researches, learns about your business, keeps you and your tenants or investors best interests in mind, understands the industry, and is consistently aware of local, national, and global trends and markets.


By strategically utilizing the experience and knowledge of our entire team (our intellectual capital), we position ourselves to provide results-driven brokerage services, more effective and accessible management practices, and innovative and client specific strategic advisory services to owners, investors, and users of commercial real estate throughout the St. Louis, MO area, and eight other Midwest markets we currently service.


All great businesses start with an idea. An idea that grows into a start-up of one or two people; that expands into a company of ten; that explodes into a business with multiple locations. Here at Intelica, we started with a vision, that led us to an office in a small shopping center, to owning our own building.

We actively support entrepreneurs in St. Louis through programs and our relationships with startup communities and local universities. We even manage a coworking office space in Ballwin, MO called “The Barn” where we give 6 months free rent to one innovative new startup a year.

The next generation of business owners that continue to put St. Louis on the map and elevate this city even further will come from within the entrepreneurial community. We want to be a part of that network and support and help more entrepreneurs get their business going, find office space throughout St. Louis, and grow into successful businesses that build the economy and reputation of St. Louis.


Mission, Vision, Values

Culture & Community



Our culture includes three generations of proud St. Louisans that were born, moved, and/or grew up here. For many of us, we don’t plan on ever leaving. Collectively we’ve lived all over the city and surrounding communities. We take in an occasional weekday Cards game. We picnic in Forest Park. We love our city. Part of what makes us loyal St. Louisans is that we know about all the great areas to live, work, and play around St. Louis. From the old brownstones of Soulard, to the revitalized retail and offices of the Central West End, to the art shows and restaurants throughout Clayton and the Loop.

Even though we have plans of growing to eventually include more locations in other cities, St. Louis will always be our home and we will always be committed to this great city. Committed to helping it grow. Committed to helping its’ small businesses become regional, national, and global success stories. And, committed to continuing to make St. Louis a great city to live and work in.


We chose not to name our company after our founders because at Intelica we’re about much more than that.

A man named Tom Stewart wrote an article in June 1991 named, “Brain Power - How Intellectual Capital Is Becoming America’s Most Valuable Asset”. In this article, he defines Intellectual Capital as:

“the sum of everything everybody in your company knows that gives you a competitive edge in the market place”.

“Inteli-”, comes from “Intellectual”.

“Ca”, from “Capital”.

Intelica stands for “Intellectual Capital”.