Jonathan Serkes


Jon Serkes is Principal of Intelica CRETM, Bamboo Equity Partners, and INCORE Property Solutions. He is responsible for overseeing and procuring new bank relationships and equity investors. Over the past 20 years, Mr. Serkes’ investment vehicles have provided mezzanine debt for St. Louis real estate developers unable to secure traditional bank lending. Through his bank relationships, Serkes helped form Bamboo Equity Partners to opportunistically acquire and manage other commercial real estate including office, industrial, and retail investment properties.

Prior to his involvement with Intelica CRE, Mr. Serkes was founder and President of In Vitro Scientific Products, a biotech disposable lab ware company. Just before selling to a publicly traded entity in 1998, Serkes began investing in farmland in Northeast Missouri. He has since acquired nearly 1,000 acres to date. During that time, he has also acquired more than 100,000 square feet in office, industrial, and retail assets.

Michael Jordan once said, "Just Play. Have Fun. Enjoy The Game" and I think that applies just as well to business as it does to sports. 

- Jonathan Serkes